How to increase call from your website by using a simple phrase – we will call you back in 26 seconds?

No calls – test the website.
The experiment with the website. What’s wrong?

This time Vlad from sent us to the post material about how his company is working with the marketing Landing errors and increases the conversion of the most hopeless, at first glance, sites for 250% using Callbackhunter:

“I want someone who will say what is wrong with my Landing!”
“I’ve tried everything and still only 2-3 calls a day and sometimes I don’t even have those”

Sounds familiar?

Honestly, from a call like this our expectations were that there is a super landing page on the other end where millions of A/B test were conducted… But as the saying goes, better to see once than to read 2037 times.

And even if you do not pay attention to this “super” design, there are quite a lot of marketing mistakes. The first thing that catches your attention is that they are trying to sell everything on the same page:


It’s quite a mystery why this website generates so few requests :) We decided to see how other companies operate. We have put ourselves in clients shoes. We have left several requests on websites of competitors and started to wait….

And so we kept waiting. No one called us back the same day. Only the next day when we have allready forgotten that we needed to transport something:)

Nevertheless, while we waited we made a very important conclusion:

Imagine a situation: you are traveling to an important business meeting, wake up in a hotel and realize that you left your precious notebook at home. What are your actions?

Of course, you will look for a courier company that can deliver it to you asap. You start dialing and then you stop and think: “No, wait, the ads are paid for, I have to personally make sure that the company is legit” and open your browser.

Then in Google you enter the search query and start searching…

Let us suppose that you found something appealing. What do you do? You leave a request.

So what happens next? You wait for the call.

Question: What company will you choose?

Answer: The first one that calls me back!

Because you need them ASAP !!!

Therefore, we decided to first to put a cellphone number on the website instead of a land line.

Secondly, we decided to establish a system of callback. For 26 seconds. Fortunately, there is a miracle script callback CallBackHunter, which connects clients with managers in 26 seconds.

How it works: The customer enters the number on the website and the script calls one of the managers. He is drinking coffee and dies not pick up the phone, then the script calls a second manager. He is late for work. The script calls the head of sales department. He is at the meeting. The script calls General Manager. The General Manager is on vacation but he picks up the phone. The script connects him to the client. The deal is done.

We realized that speed is a key advantage. Therefore, we decided to remove the application form completely.

We set up the CallBackHunter widget on the “contact us” button and increased the conversion as compared to the old site by 250%! Now they are getting 14 calls a day with no applications at all!!! Customers are satisfied and the owners of the business are too, of course :))

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