The most advanced callback widget is now available in UK

The callback widget “Callbackhunter” has officially entered the UK market, which means that our Callback service will now be increasing conversion here in UK. Everything fell into place, the lead 1 = 0,69 GBP.

The widget analyzes each website visitor based on 12 parameters and does not disturb the current customers.

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CallbackHunter efficiency increases along with big data for your site. CallbackHunter tracks movement and acceleration of the mouse, scrolling, exit, active viewing time separately for each traffic channel to your website.

The widget gathers terabytes of statistics and increases efficiency on a daily basis.

The service does not bother 1-2% of the visitors who left a request, bought or entered in the “Contacts” section. This is the customers.

The service doesn’t also disturb visitors that show low involvement in your site.

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These are 75% visitors on your site. They are occasional guests who quickly scroll through the site, almost do not read the texts and leave quickly.
Why should you keep them? They are no use to sales so why calling them. They would just waste your time and overload the sales managers.





But once the service detects a ready-to-buy visitor, it prepares to jump.

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These are 23% of visitors. They visited your site and stayed there for a while going through it attentively. They read the contents of your site, scrolled through them slowly, and visited various sections of your site.

Do not miss these involved visitors because they are your main target! Once they visited your web site, the service looks for a convenient moment to organize a free call.





As soon as the involved visitor decides to leave your site, the service organizes a call with the manager within 8 sec.

Connection speed is the key value in online-business. That is why every third visitor places an order.

After receiving an order, the service calls the manager via VoIP. As soon as the manager picks up the call, he is connected to the customer. Everything in just 8 seconds, even if it is a call from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

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