The telegram Messenger Setup Manual

CallbackHunter launched an unreal thing! This is a chat with clients via Telegram. Now it is not necessary to install third-party applications you can correspond with clients in a browser window. And if you’re not in the office or away from the workplace – communicate with customers via the app on your mobile gadget.

Not always there is an opportunity to talk on the phone, so the people who visited the site where the CallbackHunter widget is installed can start conversation with the company manager.

How does it look for your website visitor?

The visitors see our widget also. They then simply select the tab “Chats” and write a message.

Here is how it looks on the screen of the website visitor

Here is how it looks on the screen of the website visitor

How does it look for the manager?

The manager has a Telegram tab opened in a browser window, and as soon as the visitor has written a message – it is instantly displayed to the manager. If it is more convenient for a manager to use a mobile phone – the communication is conducted through the app, which is available for iOS, android and windows phone.


Here is how it looks for the manager

The manager and the client can communicate freely until the moment the deal is sealed, or until they decide to have a call.

How to set it up?

In your personal account enter the “”Widgets“” section:


Choose the widget on a website you need and press “Edit“:


Choose “Personal settings“:


Scroll down almost to the bottom and find the block “Callbackhunter v5.0 settings“.

Put a tick on “Telegram-based chat” and copy this link:


Paste this link into your browser’s address bar or send it by email and open the link from the phone on which  Telegram is installed:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.40.38

What are the advantages of this mechanism?

  • Now there is no need to install third-party online chat on the website and thus clutter the screen;
  • Telegram is available on any device;
  • Managers are always in touch. If within 60 seconds the manager did not respond to the client – the voice mail script is activated which takes a phone number from the customer and offers to call him at a specific time

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